Think Out Loud Thursday

I'm linking up with Amanda from Running with Spoons for Thinking Out Loud Thursday. 

  1.  I head out to LA tomorrow morning for a much needed vacation. Whenever I have early morning flights (departing before 8AM), I move into this weird place where I know I need to pack and try to go to bed early, but I end up procrastinating. Inevitably, I'll be throwing things into a suitcase at 3AM and only get an hour or two of sleep. Sadly, I'm going to need to look presentable when I land, making it difficult to simply sleep on the plane. 

    I'm a nerd, so I am super excited to hit up some museums, eat some great food and generally enjoy a different city. Expect lots of pictures from me on Instagram. I've already mapped out a run in the area around the hotel that I'll be shooting for on Saturday morning. Hopefully I can be brave enough to make it happen.
  2. It is finally fall. The weather has started to become much more manageable. I hadn't realized how much of a difference it made when I ran in cooler weather. On the hot days, I am definitely running at about a minute over the pace I can run on cooler days. That means that I am set to do some real work come fall. It also means that I need to get myself some fall running clothes. I get cold easily, so I'll be looking for some mid weight items that will work for my runs. It rains (a lot) in Portland, so items that stand up well to rain are a must. Suggestions are welcome. 
  3. I really appreciate the people in my life who deal with my crazy. It's been a bit of a nutty year for me. It really helps to demonstrate who is a good friend. A lot of people were sort of hands-off, but I know a lot of good people who put up with the super crazy and are now only having to deal with the medium-crazy. I can't thank them enough for it. 

Well, I guess that was random enough :) Have any big weekend plans?