5 Tips for Running at Work

Happy Monday! I spent the weekend getting way to little sleep and hiking around Central Oregon (updates to come). It made getting out of bed this morning quite a challenge, but I am happy to be digging into the week. After I participated in Run@Work day last week, I promised to post some of the things I learned from my experience, so here they are. 

  1. Plan a fun route. I am lucky enough to work near the Waterfront Park in Portland. Running along the river was a great change to my routine. It had the added benefit of providing encouragement with lots of other runners. I know the area around my home really well, but the area around my office is trickier. I used Map My Run to figure out the best plan for my day to make sure I got my miles in without any problems. 
  2. Pack ahead. Mornings are always a little rushed for me. I can waste time better than anyone, so, no matter how early I get up, I'm always running out the door at the last second. I put all my stuff together the night before to make sure I would have everything. Shoes, socks, shorts, sports bra, tank top and sunglasses were the really important ones. I'd also add all the stuff you need to get work-ready after. Deodorant, face wipes and make-up.
  3. Prepare for sweat. I have done a lot of yoga/Pilates during the work-day, but this was my first real cardio workout. It makes a HUGE difference. I was a hot, sweaty mess. I hadn't planned to shower (I'm lucky enough to have such options) but needed to. I was missing a towel, flip flops and a bunch of other things. Think through what you will need carefully. If you can't shower, some refreshing wipes would do the trick. Bring along any makeup you need for touch-ups. I would also suggest a comb/brush to get your hair back in order. 
  4. Hydrate, hydrate, re-hydrate. On days when I plan to run after work, I always amp up my water intake in the afternoon. I'll admit that my mornings tend to be coffee-based. Since I was running at lunch, I went out of my to drink a bunch of water ahead of time. I keep a mason jar at my desk for water and use rubber bands to determine how many glasses I've had. After my run, I was feeling a little weak, so I drank more water, but also picked up a Mama Chia Vitality Squeeze in a nearby store. It helped my feel a little less shaky and get back to work. 
  5. Make the time. I have always struggled to keep my workouts consistent, especially when they are supposed to be during work time. I know that I have time to do stuff, but once my calendar starts filling, it is easy to move those around. Sometimes, it is necessary. Other times, I am being bullied into it (mostly by myself). I put my workouts in my calendar as busy time and don't offer to move them unless something is urgent. With running, I can also move it by a half hour or hour if it makes things easier. The point is to not give up or get discouraged. If you miss one, move on to the next workout. 

Have any tips that I might have missed? Please share in the comments.