How I Grew to Like Yoga

I have a bunch of friends who used to do yoga frequently. They volunteered at the studio in exchange for free classes. For them, it was a great arrangement. As an added bonus, they usually got to invite friends a couple times a month for a free trial class. I never went. Not once in about five years. 

Why? Because I'd been trained to think that I would be bad at it. I am not flexible. At all. I look ridiculous trying to follow along with an instructor. And about fifty other reasons that I could list off the top of my head whenever they offered an invitation. 

And then I tried it. My joints have a lot of problems and impact training can cause a lot of pain. I still wanted to work on my strength and general fitness though. So, I gave in and ended up in a yoga class. It was exactly as bad as I thought it would be. My knees were bent when others had straight legs. I had to twist into strange positions so that I could watch the instructor. At the end, I felt stupid. 

But something else happened too. My body hurt--in a good way. My muscles were sore, especially though my core. I felt better too. I found myself standing a little taller and feeling a little calmer. It was a small difference, but enough to make me go back. 

I am still not flexible. I'm working on it, but some of my tightness is going to take a long time. I still look ridiculous, so I try not to look in the mirror very often. Instead, I try to focus on my breath and the exercises I am supposed to be doing. I think it has made me a better runner as well. The added flexibility and strength training have definitely helped me keep things tighter while running. Yoga has also helped me recover from my bigger workouts. 

photo credit: RelaxingMusic via photopin cc