Starting the 100 Push-Up Challenge


On my quest to get in better shape, I'm trying something I hate. Push-ups. I hate them. Really and truly. I'm not very good at them and they hurt. Worst of all, they are always the thing people say I should do. Which is exactly why I need to do them.

I have done a hundred push-ups before, but never at once. I did them in a day, doing 10 different sets of 10. The next day, I couldn't move my arms. Or any other part of my body. So instead of trying to kill myself to simply crank them out, I decided to try the One Hundred Push-Up Training Challenge.

The program is simple and easy to understand. I assume I am going to hate myself each and every day, but I guess I have to start somewhere. In fact, I am going to be cheating a little. Instead of full push-ups, I am going to start with the girly knee versions. I figure once I am in a good point with those, I can repeat the program doing the full version. The hope is that I can build some good upper body strength, but also feel good about myself for completing the challenge.

I started with the initial test and managed 20 push-ups before I collapsed into a big puddle on my floor. Better than I thought, but not great. It does mean I get to start in the column for the most push-ups. Not sure if I should be excited for that or not, but I guess it's a good thing. After a day of rest, I'll be ready to start the first full week. I expect to be in a lot of pain.