Ankle ABC Exercises

Ankles tend to get taken for granted when we talk about joints. Building up the strength and flexibility of your ankle can help provide stability while running and training. It can also help make wearing those sky-high heels a little more comfortable. If you don't have a lot of extra time to devote to exercise, this simply move will help get you on the right track. It's easy and can be done anywhere without any fitness equipment.

This exercise can be done while sitting at your desk, watching television or hanging out in a busy waiting room. The simplicity can make it seem like you aren't doing enough work, but I promise you'll feel it by the end. 

Keeping the rest of your leg still, move your ankle to spell out the letters of the alphabet. No cheating. Make sure you dot all your Is and cross your Ts. I suggest starting out by doing all capital letters. When you are done with one foot, move to the other. 

Since it doesn't take very long, you can easily perform this ankle exercise a couple times a day. To get more movements, try switching between upper and lower case letters. You can also write them backwards or use both ankles at once to perform mirror images. 

If you get really good at it, try adding foot or ankle weights. I'm sure you'll start to see some great gains in no time.