5 Tips for Buying Yoga Pants

I've recently been shopping around for some new pairs of yoga pants. For some reason, is always much harder than it sounds like it should be. There are no fewer than 10 fitness apparel stores within walking distance of my apartment, so it doesn't seem like it should be a big deal. It is, though. After much shopping and frustration, I've come up with some tips for finding your perfect pair. 

1. Think about how you are going to use them.

Sure, they are called yoga pants, but we all know there are a variety of activities that you can use them for ranging from running to Pilates to barre workouts. Whatever the use, make sure you know what your requirements are ahead of time. Do you need a little pocket for keys? Aerial classes typically require yoga-type pants, but they can't have any zippers, metal or buttons. Do you do hot yoga? That might require a different type of fabric that is better for wicking moisture. Make a list (either mentally or on paper) and keep it in mind. 

2. Try them on properly.

Okay, you probably already know that you should try them on (raise your hand if you've made the mistake of not doing this at least once. *guilty*), but do it with more purpose than checking to be sure the waist fits. It helps to wear similar undergarments to what you will wear to workout when you are shopping. Try bending over in the yoga pants? When you look in the mirror, is the back see-through? Do they give you enough range of motion? Do they ride up or down when you move around? Give them a good go-around by doing a few quick moves in the changing room. 

3. Check the reviews. 

While you are out, use your phone to check reviews from the company's website. If other customers are complaining that they fall apart easily or fade too quickly, it might be time to check out a different product. Also ask someone that works there. While they are trying to sell you a product, they also have insider information. They'll know if there is a better option in store if the yoga pants you've picked out are top sellers. 

4. Take a friend.

It is always hard to gauge how well something fits when you are in a brightly lit store staring at yourself in the mirror. Having an honest friend with you will give you a better opinion on how things really look. They can also check to be sure that they aren't too see-through, tight or loose. 

5. Trust your instincts. 

If something seems fine, but you have a nagging feeling that you shouldn't get them. Trust yourself. You've tried on and worn enough clothes to get a gut feeling for whether something is right or wrong. Even if you can't nail down the exact reason, your mind and body are telling you no. Move on and find something better. 

Have tips for finding the perfect pair of yoga pants? Share in the comments.