A little motivation goes a long way

It's been a weird start to what promises to be a crazy week (though I think I might finally be on the downward slope). I'm hoping that with some of the big stuff out of the way, I can focus on some of the little (but super important) things that tend to get left behind when I get busy. Those things include a lovely trip to yoga today, a trail run and a new exercise class that I get to check out on Friday. 

 Some days, I need a little reminder

Some days, I need a little reminder

I was actually sitting at my desk, thinking of all the reasons why I couldn't go to yoga today. I don't like the top that I have with me. I have a bruise on my shoulder that looks ugly. I didn't do a very good job shaving this morning. I'm feeling lazy. 

It's a lot of reasons. I can always think of reasons. They are the reason I don't go try new things or stick with things I like. I'm trying to train myself to ignore the reasons. To think about the other things that will make me happy after yoga class ends. It's a process of trying to figure out how to trick myself into going (harder some days than others) and keep up my motivation when I feel like I don't have any. 

How do you motivate yourself on off days?

photo credit: Arya Ziai via photopin cc