Five Goals Friday- 22 August 2014

I'm linking up with Katie at Running4Cupcakes this week.

 Clearly, the best way to start my morning is with a donut and a big cup of coffee. 

Clearly, the best way to start my morning is with a donut and a big cup of coffee. 

My work schedule next week is looming over me like a huge rain cloud. Seriously, I just pulled up the schedule and I already want to throw up and call in sick. Not exactly how I like to go into my weekend. I've got meetings galore (some of them a little high stress/very important). So a lot of my goals for next week are about trying to keep sane around all these other things happening. That means my goals might be a little crazy, but here we go. 


  1. Find time for 2 yoga and/or Pilates classes. I've been really good lately, but next week some of my schedule changes (and will stay that way for the next 4 months). That means I can't make my Tuesday class anymore. I've been eyeing the schedule though and think I can still find some ways to fit stuff in. 
  2. Eat healthy even though I'll be by myself for part of the week. I honestly do better when I have someone else around. However, my significant other will be out of town for four days, leaving me to figure out how to feed myself in a healthy fashion (read: not just eating potato chips). 
  3. Meet my long-standing goal. I've been putting it off and coming up with excuses. After writing about it yesterday, I've decided to simply go for it. It might mean a shot of whiskey before I go out, but I'm going to make it happen.
  4. Speaking of running, I've decided to try a trail. Hopefully tomorrow I'll hit up Forest Park and do some walking/jogging to get an idea of the layout. If all goes well, I'm going to end up there at least once this next week for an actual run.
  5. Find some sort of relaxation time. As I mentioned, things are going to be crazy. I need some downtime to focus on not getting too stressed out over all the things I need to do. 

Feel free to share your goals for next week or give me advice on mine!