Chia Seed Hydration Drink Recipe

 My chia seed hydration drink

My chia seed hydration drink

Hydration is something I've never really been good at. In case it sounds like I might be exaggerating, I went for a run on Monday night in the heat and came home and recovered with a gin and tonic. Not exactly what the doctor recommends. I don't recommend it either. I paid the next day when I felt super dehydrated. 

I've seen a bunch of people with chia seed drink recipes around the internet. Though I'd had chia seeds in smoothies and as a pudding, I'd never really thought about using them in something as simple as a water mixture. For my first effort, I wanted to do something simple that allowed me to get the hydration benefits of the chia seeds without putting in much though. 


1.5 tablespoons of black chia seeds (any kind of chia seed will do the trick)
5 ounces of coconut water (I used Vita Coco Pure Coconut Water with Pineapple)
5 ounces of plain water


Combine chia seeds and coconut water in a small container. I use a 6oz mason jar and it works really well. Give it a good shake to break up any clumps and combine. Then leave in the fridge. I've heard several people say that it only take 10 minutes for the chia seed to get plumped up, but in my experience it is at least an overnight ordeal. If you have time or are in the fridge anyway, give it a few extra shakes every now and then. 

When I am ready to drink it, I pour the mixture into a bigger container (the one in the picture is a 16oz mason jar) and add regular water. Then just stir and enjoy. The chia seeds tend to settle, so I stir often. 

You can certainly do all coconut water, but I find the taste too much for me. Diluting it with regular water makes it much easier for me to stomach. The texture it a little weird at first, but doesn't both me. I prefer drinking it with a straw (mostly because it is more fun), but do have to make sure it is big enough for the chia seeds to get through.

Have any favorite chia seed drink recipes? Feel free to share. I'm still experimenting.