When I started running last summer, I set a goal to hit a sub-10 minute mile pace. It was an arbitrary number. I didn't pull it from anywhere. I just thought it sounded reasonable. At the time, my pace was somewhere between 10-11 minutes/mile. 

Fast forward many months and a few injuries and my new pace was actually a little above 11 minutes per mile. What I really want is the endurance to go longer, but the idea of getting below 10 minutes really stuck with me. 

So yesterday I made an attempt. I only half realized I was doing it at the time, but I picked up my normal pace a bit for the run. It was rough. My calves hurt pretty much from the start, my chest was tight and I generally felt unprepared. The 90 degree heat didn't help much either. When the little voice came over my headphones announcing that I had made the distance, I held my breath and waited. 9:42. I actually remember saying "YES" out loud and raising my hands over my head.

Part of me still wants to say that I could do better, but I am pretty happy with that. I think it gives me a good start to now start adding more distance to my time. Next up: a 5K run with walking. I think I can do it by this time next month. 

On a side note, that run made for some super tight hamstrings when I got to pilates today. Wow! 

Have any goals you want to share?