It's the Little Things

You know those moments when you discover something wonderful that filled a whole in your life? And then you get super excited? Of course you have to go tell someone. And then, you realize that no one else cares. 

 My current Gear Tracker view on Map My Fitness

My current Gear Tracker view on Map My Fitness


That's exactly how I felt about Map My Fitness's new Gear Tracker. In case you haven't heard, the fitness tracking website recently teamed up with Zappos to provide a way for users to track how many miles they've done in a pair of shoes. I immediately added both my running and walking shoes to the little device. 

It keeps track of how many miles I've done in them (assuming I input the data) and links directly to Zappos, so I can easily reorder or shop. In addition, it will give you information about when they were first used. I'm hoping at some point it will make it easier to do something like compare running pace between different shoes, but I don't see any way to do that at the moment. 

If you haven't been using Map My Fitness to track your walks/runs, you can manually enter a number. I did this for my walking shoes since I'd done a lot of walks that I hadn't tracked. I'm hoping this new feature will help motivate me to actually use the app to track the distance and pace of my walks. I almost always use it for runs, but typically just walk and track the distance loosely using my Jawbone UP 24. 

The main downside I see is that in order to make it work, the shoes you own have to be available on Zappos. If you are like me, you might have some older models that are no longer available, but that you haven't used that much. In that case, it's probably easiest to just find something close and rename the shoe to something that is clear to you. The number of miles you put on won't actually change. You'll just have to look at a picture of shoes you don't own.