Last week, I set a goal to visit the Greenleaf Juice place that just opened near my work. While I met my goal, I was a bad blogger and didn't take a picture. So, to make up for it, I made a second visit today and remember to take a pic of the bottle before I gulped it all down. 

 A little spicy, but definitely delicious!

A little spicy, but definitely delicious!

For my first try, I went for the Spicy Leaf, which has jalapeno, green pepper, spinach, kale, parsley, apple, cucumber and celery. I'd been hesitant to try out a spicy type because I tend to be a wuss. While the Spicy Leaf definitely packed a punch, it wasn't anything I couldn't handle. It took a little getting used to, but I really enjoyed it. 

Fast forward to today. I was feeling very confident in my spicy juice abilities, so when I saw the G8 in the fridge, I decided to go for it. I made it though the bottle with only small amounts of whining, but I think I'll choose something a little tamer next time. I had trouble getting through this one, not because of the taste, but because of the spice. On the up side, I think I got my daily water intake done simply by alternating with this. 

Next up: I want to try one of their almond milks (or maybe the cashew). They seem interesting and definitely not spicy!