My Muscles are Screaming

I'm linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for Think Out Loud Thursday. 

1. I took my first TRX class last night and the soreness has been slowly accumulating in my body. 

I used to do a decent amount of strength training, but then I sort of fell of the wagon. I didn't belong to a gym that I liked, so I never went. And then I got intimidated. And then...Well, I can give you a million different excuses and there isn't a single good one in the whole lot. I'd done a few exercises with TRX equipment a year ago, so when there was a good class at my gym, I finally decided to sign up. 

Confession: I totally thought it would be easier than this. Especially when the warm-up was simple. I got cocky. Don't worry, the instructor basically killed that part of me 10 minutes later. It is going to be a rough month. 

2. Why is it so dark?

I love that it is light earlier in the morning, but does it have to get dark so early? Last night I was leaving work at like 4:45PM and the sun was already setting. It makes walking around my neighborhood in the evening feel sketchy, even though I usually feel pretty safe. On that note, I noticed A LOT of runners out last night wearing dark clothes, no reflective gear, and no lights. While it was pitch black. Definitely think about what you need to do to stay safe. 

3. Which is why I need to run more at lunch.

My ankle is at like 90%, so I am ready to do an easy run today to feel it out and see how things go. My friend bailed on me for her sick kiddo, so I am going to go get completely lost on the trails and try to get a little workout done. If it feels okay, I'll probably get back into training and running more. 

4. It is amazing the difference between yoga instructors.

I already knew that, but we had a sub yesterday and! I actually think I like her style better, possibly because it is a little more relaxed. Sadly, her normal class never works with my schedule. That said, I totally love my normal instructor and she makes me work REALLY hard on my back and shoulders, which I need. Hunching over my computer at work all day kills my posture. 

5. This week has gone by way too fast.

I can't believe it is Thursday! I have so much to do before the weekend and next week. I am sure it will all get done, but I am starting to freak out just a little. Which probably means I need to work on the whole yoga thing a little more. 

Okay, tomorrow the AdvoCare Challenge update that I have been promising all week. 

How is your week going? 
Do you like the new morning sunshine or miss the evenings?