Holiday Coffee and Weekly Goals

Can I just start out by saying how exciting it was to drive into work this morning at 6:30AM and already see a little bit of sunshine? It was amazing! It has been very dark lately at that time, so this was a pleasant change. I expect to be complaining tomorrow that I have to drive home from work in the dark, but for today, I am happy.

I walked a bunch this weekend (still no running allowed. boo!) and my ankle felt pretty good. Saturday I did roughly 10 miles worth (not all at once) between general walking, shopping and going out for my boyfriend's birthday. Also, I had to track down a Starbuck's holiday beverage. It was really important. So important that I had to go to 2 different stores so that I could get what I wanted. I did several of those miles with no brace (it didn't match my dress) and felt pretty good. I expect to back to normal next week. 



Yesterday was also the first really cold day of our year (yes, my definition of cold is a little generous). Even though this week is supposed to hover around 60F, it got me thinking about my need for some colder weather running gear. I'm on the hunt for some great running tights, a jacket and some long sleeve tops. Nothing too crazy, though. After all, this is Portland (not the North East). 

So, goals for the week:

1. Enjoy my first TRX class. It is my first one and I am super scared/excited. I've done a little work with a TRX before thanks to a few personal training sessions, but didn't stick with it. I've got 4 weeks paid for and ready to go, so it should be a good time. 

2. Try out my ankle on a couple of long walks/short easy runs. I expect this will happen at the end of the week, giving me enough time to make sure I am healed up. 

3. Attend 2 yoga classes. I really need these for the flexibility and calmness that I get out of it. Missing last week was hard on my mind (and, I'm sure, my body).

Okay, what are your goals for the week?