A Weekend of Food and Film

My weekend involved a whole lot of sitting on the couch. Now, normally I would be lamenting the fact that I actually did very little, but sometimes you just need that time to recharge. Which is why I saw more movies in the last 48 hours than I think I saw in the last four months. Mostly, it involved catching up on my Superhero moves (X-Men, Spiderman, and Captain America). I have to say that while I am not typically the kind to go for action movies, I generally like the ones coming out of these universes. Spiderman still needs some work, though.

I did manage to go grocery shopping though. It might have been right after watching this week's episode of Shark Tank, so many of the items were at least inspired by the episode. 

First up was these amazing dark chocolate covered hemp seeds from Himalania. 

Then I managed to track down this TIny but Mighty popcorn (inspired by the Pipcorn pitch on Shark Tank). It's made with smaller pieces of corn than others and is supposed to be easier to digest.

I also picked up some of Heidi Ho's vegan cheese spread (the creamy Chia Cheez one). (Sorry, no picture--yet). 

I'll be writing up reviews of these in the next couple days. Overall, though, I was pretty impressed. 

Now, it's back to my week filled with lots of PowerPoint presentations and other silly stuff. 

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