3 Tips to Handling Holiday Stress

Can I please have another fake snow day? Please? No. Okay then. 

Since we do not have 4-6 inches of snow on the ground, I had to get in the car and go to work today. Not that it is all bad. I am terrible at working from home, so I got very little done. Fortunately, I am on a roll in the office today and knocking out tasks pretty quickly. 

As the holiday season approaches, I know a lot of people (including myself) start to feel the stress building up. It's hard to take time for myself when there are demands from work, family, community and everyone else. Still, it is incredibly important to find some balance. Here are some of my tips.

1. Treat Yourself

Most of us are reluctant to spoil ourselves, especially during a time of year that is mostly about doing for others. It helps to be a little selfish from time-to-time though. It will help remind you that you are also important. Plus, it is a good way to get away from things for an hour. Get a massage or manicure, go to a movie, or simply hang out at a coffee shop. Whatever would help you is what you should do.

2. Indulge...a litte

Hanging on to strict diets during this season is hard. Seriously. Also, it isn't very fun. Sure, you want to avoid reversing all the hard work you put in over the last 11 months, but you also want to enjoy it. Plan to indulge a little on specific things (the ones that you wait all year for) and then stick to your plan the rest of the time. It will make you happier and less likely to overdo it. 

3. Run

Or go to the gym/yoga class/spinning. Exercise is a great natural stress reliever. If you think you don't have time, you are probably wrong. Find time somewhere in your day (even if it is only for 15 minutes). You will feel better and it will help you burn off those extra cookie calories. 

What tips do you have for managing holiday stress?