Houston, We Have Snow.

I'm linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for another Think Out Loud Thursday.


1. I woke up this morning and there was no snow. There was a huge amount of craziness yesterday where everyone was 100% sure we were going to get 4-6 inches of snow (a big deal in Portland). They cancelled a bunch of my meetings. Schools were set on a delay--then subsequently cancelled this morning. I still don't see snow. Now I just feel stupid for working from home. On the plus side, I am in my pajamas and staring out at beautiful scenery instead of stuck in my office. On the downside, I still don't see any snow. 

2. The beautiful scenery yesterday made up for the ugly weather. Between out wind gusts and the bitter cold, it wasn't a lot of fun to be outside. Still, when I can see five different mountains from one spot, it is a pretty good day. 

 Some of them are a little hard to see, but they were totally there. 

Some of them are a little hard to see, but they were totally there. 

3. TRX class killed me...again. This class is going to punish me until I break. It's awesome! I feel terrible through most of the class, but awesome when it is over. Last week I was super sore until Sunday (class in on Wednesday). I'm hoping this week is a little better. We did an extra set of each exercise, though, so who knows. 

4. The (lack of) snow and school closure means no trail run for me today. I'm not at work by the trails and my partner is at home as well. I'm either going outside later or hitting the treadmill. I don't really have good enough cold weather clothes, but I do live super close to an REI that would solve all my problems. 

5. Nothing beats staying in your PJs, drinking a homemade chai latte and putting your feet up on the couch. Seriously. I am in heaven right now. 

Ever had a fake snow day? What would you do with it?