Winter Weather Favorites

Winter seems to have appeared with little warning in Portland. I've lived places where winter started in September and extended through May, but the Pacific Northwest is normally a little more stable. Winter, as I interpret it, really only lasted for two months last year. While we were still light compared to most places, it was an overall rough season. I even got a day and a half off work due to snow. 

That said, I don't miss freezing to death. I am almost always cold, so when you add in icy temperatures, I tend to be miserable. There are a few things that I love about winter though. 

1. The coffee.

This one might seem odd, but I love the different flavors of coffee that come out this time of year. I'm not talking about Peppermint Mochas (though those are good too). I'm talking about actual flavored coffee (sorry to those of you who are traditionalists). This morning I got a cup of Winter Blend coffee from Einstein Bagels and it tastes like the perfect blend of coffee, cinnamon and vanilla. Nothing added. Just simple and easy. 

2. Tights. 

I love wearing skirts and dresses to work. I think they look better on me than pants. They are also much easier to find in sizes that work since fewer things seem to be able to go wrong. Unfortunately, I don't do cold legs. Enter tights and leggings. I love that I can add a smattering of color or texture to an otherwise boring outfit in a way that also helps keep me warm. Bonus: it extends my wardrobe a lot and makes it so I don't have to buy entirely new clothes. 

3. Running.

Okay, so there is definitely a sweet spot for this when it can get too cold, but the mildish-winter temperatures we are lucky enough to have around here are perfect. They let you throw on a long-sleeved top and go. It's nice to not be burning up after a mile like I was all summer long when my runs were done in 85-90F. It definitely helps with both motivation and speed. It helps keep me motivated and away from the treadmill. 

4. Scarves.

 Still hanging around on the back of my office door from last winter.

Still hanging around on the back of my office door from last winter.

Yes, I could wear a scarf all year, but that wouldn't make them as special. I find they are the perfect way to change the look of an outfit or jacket without buying a lot of extra stuff. I've bought several, but I also crochet my own from time to time. 

5. Soups.

Is that weird? Soup is one of my favorite lunches, but it never seems to make sense when it is warm out. Now that it is cooler, it's become my go-to item for lunch and sometimes dinner. It is easy and can be super healthy if made right. Plus, there are a lot of options, which means it is hard to get bored.

What are some of your favorite winter weather things?