Hood River +Monday Goals

Hey there! It's Monday again. Strange how that keeps happening. I had a crazy weekend that involved a whole lot of glitter, bunches of children and some really awesome cocktails. 

And that was my Saturday. Sunday, I kept things a little more relaxed and went to Hood River, Oregon to enjoy the fall leaves. I'd heard that it was the perfect time of year out there and wanted to see for myself. I waited around Portland in the morning while the fog slowly lifted. Once the sun came out, I figured it was perfect. 

Of course, I was completely wrong. It rained--hard--most of the way out to the gorge. Not unusual, but not exactly the weather I was hoping for. Once there, the wind was gusting and it was pretty cold. At least the rain had let up. I didn't grab any good pictures of the leaves (I know, bad blogger), but I did get a picture of the delicious beer that I grabbed at Pfriem

 I had the Christmas Ale. Perfectly rich and delicious

I had the Christmas Ale. Perfectly rich and delicious

I'd always stuck to either Full Sail or Double Mountain Brewery when I was at Hood River, so discovering a new one was a lot of fun. They had great food too. We started with bacon wrapped blue cheese dates that were absolutely amazing. 

 They were gone way too quickly.

They were gone way too quickly.

On the way home, I did manage to snap a quick picture of the Washington side of the Columbia River.

Alright, and since it is Monday, I've got some goals for the week:

  1. 3 runs--1 on trails, 2 on the road
  2. 2 yoga classes
  3. 1 TRX class
  4. Try a new juice recipe at home
  5. Hit 10,000 steps 5 times

And just because it is one of my favorite songs to listen to right now, a little inspiration:

What are your goals for the week? Any songs that are currently stuck in your head?