Thinking Out Loud: Sore Back Edition

I'm linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for Thinking Out Loud Thursday today. 

1. My upper back is super sore today from yoga. I've been working on upper back flexibility and strength for many months. My yoga instructor claims that I am making huge improvements. I only see it in the 32 seconds it takes me to get from the studio to the locker room. For that brief moment, I have great posture. Then it basically goes away. I have weird shoulders that don't like to go down or back, which makes having nice posture--especially in yoga class-- really hard. It's probably why I am the person who gets corrected constantly

2. My AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge is going pretty well (see my Day 1 post). I had a meeting this morning though and there was literally nothing I could eat. Pastries, coffee and caffeinated tea for everyone...except me. It was the first time I was really temped to treat (pumpkin loaf!). I was good though and am now drinking caffeine free tea back in my own office. I might still be thinking about some of the muffins though.

 It might have looked something like this...

It might have looked something like this...

photo credit: Omar Chatriwala via photopin cc

3. Which brings me to wanting to do more baking. I used to always be the person who made extra complicated desserts for potlucks. I haven't baked a thing (except pre-made cookies) since I moved to Portland over a year ago. I think it might be time to fix that. I'm thinking up some ideas for challenge friendly muffins and will hopefully be able to share soon. 

4. The Oatmeal is coming to Portland and doing a fun run 5K on October 22nd. It is right smack in the middle of the two 5K races I signed up for, but I figure I might as well go. It isn't too far away from my home, so I could always give up and head back if my legs are too tired (or there are too many crazy people). I'm hoping to convince a friend that she wants to go too. 

5. I really can't think of anything else. I am antsy to go for my run in 40 minutes, so all I can think about is getting my shoes on and getting out. It's a perfect weather day, so I am looking forward to a view of the river and some time alone with my music. 

Anything exciting happen to you this week?