Yay for 5Ks

I started my day with the AdvoCare Watermelon Spark drink and it was AMAZING! I love it so much more than the citrus. Now I just have to convince myself to switch back and forth between them. 

I'm looking forward to a lovely noon yoga class today which should help with some of my soreness. At least the stuff in my legs. My arm hurts from getting my flu shot yesterday. I usually bribe myself to get shots (yes, I am five) with cookies or super sweet drinks from Starbucks, but since I am trying to eat better and not focus on those items, I skipped it this time. I'm still trying to come up with a good option as a reward though. I definitely earned it for not wincing. Even when the student-nurse giving it to me seemed as though she had no clue what was going on. She was perfectly competent in the end, but I had my concerns for a while. 

I am currently getting ready for the Harvest Hustle 5K coming up in a week and a half. Since I am crazy, I think I will run another 5K the following weekend. The Halloweenathon has a 5K option that would be perfect for me.

There is another race happening that weekend (Run like Hell) that a friend of mine will be doing. I seriously considered joining her, but Halloweenathon gives out medals for all distances and Run Like Hell only has them for the half-marathon. I don't think I am up to that distance and I REALLY want to have a medal, so my choice was pretty easy. For a moment I considered doing both, but 3 5K races in two weekends seemed like a little much for me. 


How do you choose races? Do medals and other swag play into the decision?