3.1 Reasons I'm Missing My Race Today

I'm very sad to say that I am not currently in line to pick up my race bib and t-shirt for the Halloweenathon. I really wanted to run this race for a whole bunch of reasons, but partially because they give out medals to all finishers, even those of us who can only do the 5k. I ran Harvest Hustle last weekend, but there were no medals unless you were in the winner's group, and, well, that just wasn't me. 

Reason 1: My ankle is being a real jerk. People smarter than myself have said that it probably needs another week of good rest. I saw a physician in Friday and he took some x-rays to make sure I didn't really screw it up. While I wait to get those back, it is probably not a great idea to try and race on it. 

Also, I can tell that the rest of my body is overcompensating for the weakness in my ankle and it is throwing off my knee and hip...which have both developed their own aches. Not good, in my book. 

Reason 2: Remember how I went trail running with a friend yesterday (right after I finished getting x-rays)? Well, I can barely move my legs high enough to get in the shower, let alone run. I think she and all the hills broke me. Which just means that once I'm healed, I've found a new great workout. 

Reason 3: I did not sleep last night. I am on a new medication that might cause insomnia. Might means yes because I was awake from about 2AM on. I kept falling back asleep, only to wake up 15 minutes later hoping it was finally time to get up. Around 5 I just gave up altogether and watched TV. A combination of no sleep and bad body parts is not a good way to go out. 

Reason 3.1: I put this as the 0.1 because it is a lame excuse and on its own would never have kept me from going. It is pouring this morning. A lot. I know it is Portland, but it is still a little crazy. We are known for drizzle, not the downpours that have been gracing us the last few days. It would be wet and muddy (slick) since some of the race is on grass. See above for why my ankle will not take that. 

Have you ever had to miss a race? What kept you away?