Things Never Go as Planned

I'm linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons today for Think Out Loud Thursday. 

1. I was actually hoping that today's post would be a recap of the Oatmeal's Fun Run that happened in Portland last night. He was here for a book signing at Powell's and did a 5K run ahead of time with a bunch of people, cake and beer. That sounds like a perfect Wednesday night to me. 

However, I was reminded that my ankle is still very sore and told that I really shouldn't be running on it until I can touch it without screaming in pain. I guess that sounds like a realistic idea. I don't like it though. 

2. Which leads to me to hoping and praying that I am still going to be able to handle the Halloweenathon this weekend. I know it was probably crazy to sign up to race two weeks in a row, but that's just how I am. Plus, this one comes with a medal for all participants and an after race nacho bar. 


Yes, I really just want a medal. I also want to make sure I can walk on Sunday. I'm playing it by ear as far as whether I am up for it. Running doesn't hurt. Walking doesn't really hurt (unless stairs are involved). 

3. Seriously, what is up with all the rain? Yes, it is Portland, but that means that we live with a constant drizzle, not a constant downpour. I really need to get some rain boots. 

 Rainy view from the Portland Aerial Tram yesterday afternoon. 

Rainy view from the Portland Aerial Tram yesterday afternoon. 

4. My AdvoCare challenge is nearing the end. We are at day 18 of 24, which means only a few more days without coffee, cheese and ice cream. With the change in the weather, I've been craving hot chocolate and apple cider. I'm looking forward to grabbing a big glass on day 25. That may also include some alcohol. Don't worry, I'll pace myself with it. I like a lot of the habits I've developed over the last two and a half weeks, so I am going to try to maintain some while also putting a little more balance back into my life. That's what it is really all about, in my opinion. 

5. I drug my lazy ass to yoga yesterday at lunch. I really didn't want to go or think that I should go. Which, of course, is exactly why I need to be there. It was a rough class and my legs were shaking a lot. By the end, I felt much better. Just goes to show that I need to shut up and do things. It was also great to watch the rain outside the window while I tried to balance. A perfect, warm and dry view of the weather. 

 Don't mind my post-yoga hair. 

Don't mind my post-yoga hair.