Snack Review: Nature Valley Breakfast Biscuits

I am constantly on the lookout for goodies to keep in my office as a substitute breakfast for those days when I either don't get to eat at home or forget to bring something. I often am at work very early, and, as a result, am rushing to get out the door with all my fingers and toes still in place. On those days, remembering to grab something is really hard for me. I always say I'll get something at work, but too often I find myself starving at 11AM and realizing I never got around to doing that.

I recently saw Nature Valley Breakfast Biscuits in the store and thought I would give them a try. 


A serving consists of one of these little pouches--with four biscuits inside.


I find that having four of them to eat actually works really well for me. I can eat one immediately and then work on the other three over a short period of time while I am checking my email or getting other things done. 


At 230 calories per serving, I find that they work really well as a substitute breakfast for me on those mornings. They have a decent amount of fiber (4g), which helps to keep me full. I also use them as a snack occasionally, especially on days when I workout and need something extra to get me through the afternoon. 

They taste very similar to the granola bars made by Nature Valley. I have the honey variety and it tastes very oatey with a hint of honey flavor. They are crisp, but not to an extent that requires you to chip your teeth in order to bit in. The only other flavor available (my store didn't have any) is blueberry. I would love to see more flavors become available so that I can mix up my routine a little. Personally, I would love to have something with chocolate :)

Overall, I am very happy with these and will definitely be hoarding more of them in my office.

Do you have a favorite easy on-the-go breakfast?