A Terrible, Awful, No Good, Very Bad Run

I had a really bad run yesterday.

Saying that makes me sad. It was supposed to be an easy run to simply move my legs and remind myself that I am ready for the Harvest Hustle 5K this weekend. Apparently I am in trouble, because no part of that run was easy. 

It was the first time I've stopped before my intended distance. I just really didn't feel like I could make it any further. I walked for a little while and tried to pick it up again, but it just wouldn't happen. Everything hurt. My ankles, my knees, my shins, my lungs. Everything. 

I've spent many of the last several hours dissecting the experience and trying to figure out what went wrong. 

It was warmer than I thought it was outside. Not hot, but it was extremely humid. I might not have been hydrated properly. I certainly could have worn fewer clothing items. 

I didn't have great fuel for the day. I am easing clean as part of my AdvoCare challenge, but I realized that yesterday was almost exclusively protein, fruit and vegetables with no real carbs. 

I've changed my running form for the better, which has made me faster. I realize though that I am now running at a pace that is significantly faster than where I've spent much of my time previously. I'm not exactly sure how that is affecting me yet. 

So I spent all last night thinking about these things, icing my ankle and trying to come up with a plan. Then I realized that I am not changing my plan. I'm taking today and tomorrow as intense rest days. I'm icing the the things that need iced and generally taking it easy. I'm focusing on fueling my body properly and drinking as much water as I can manage (obviously until Sunday morning when I have to stop so that I don't pee myself). 

I intended to share today my goals for Sunday's race, and I am sticking with that. At my first 5K (that I mainly walked) in July, I had 2 goals. 

  1. Finish
  2. Don't be last
 Post-race picture in July. I did so many things wrong for this race that I could write a book on how to totally screw yourself. 

Post-race picture in July. I did so many things wrong for this race that I could write a book on how to totally screw yourself. 

I pretty easily beat both of those (though I will admit to being completely exhausted at the end). This time around, I have a few goals. The first are my low level ones (meaning I should 100% be able to meet them).

  1. Finish
  2. Don't be last
  3. Beat my previous 5K time (which involves running this one in under 42 minutes)

I also have some A-game goals that I'm hoping I'll be able to meet.

  1. Run the whole race (no walking)
  2. Finish in under 30 minutes (if things go well, my runs have been on pace with meeting this goal)

Hopefully my race recap will have me meeting these ones as well. 

Any advice for a newbie? How do you handle bad runs?