Better Late than Never

This post if up WAY later than I wanted it to be. I kept getting distracted and working on other things. Except not. It's been that kind of day. It's 4PM and I feel like I haven't done a damn thing. At least I'm working late tonight :(

I'm linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons again for Thinking Out Loud Thursday. 

1. It's been a long week. Work is taking a lot out of me, but I'm having a lot of trouble getting any one thing done. I'm doing a lot, but getting anything done. That feeling really eats at me and makes me feel like I am not actually working. It's a vicious cycle. I'm hoping that when this month ends, things will get a little better. 

2. Sunday is my first 5K race. I'm super excited and definitely nervous. I went for a short run today to sort of shake out my muscles and remind myself that I am actually capable of running. My body and mind don't actually seem to fully believe yet. Hopefully picking up my packet on Saturday will make it feel a little more real.

3. I picked up a few new things at the Adidas store yesterday that I am excited about. I'll show them off later, but I enjoy getting stuff that I really need. Fall and winter are definitely coming and I don't think my shorts and tank tops are going to cut it. Now I just need some better yoga clothes. 

4. Speaking of yoga, I'm looking to do more than I currently do. There are some other classes at my gym that I could attend, but I might actually test out a real yoga studio. Especially for some hot yoga. Not sure if I'll like the temperature, but I find myself feeling cold frequently in my current class. I assume I'll be calling those famous last words in the near future. 

5. Can I go to sleep yet? I am exhausted today. Probably from sleeping on the couch half the night. Which barely qualifies as sleeping since I roll around and reposition myself constantly. Hopefully I do better and actually make it to the bed tonight.

How is your week going? Any good weekend plans?