AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge: Day 10

It's Wednesday! I'm only a couple days away from my first 5K race at the Harvest Hustle on Sunday. I'm trying to take it easy this week, do a little running, keep up with yoga and not stress out too much. I'm not sure if it is actually working or not. 

On the plus side, it is the last day of the Cleanse Phase of my AdvoCare challenge! That also means that I drank my last fiber drink this morning. They aren't awful, but I have trouble getting it down. Spark, on the other hand, I love. I will probably stick with that even after the cleanse is over. It's delicious and I definitely get a pick-me-up from it. I dare say that it is even better than coffee in that respect. I don't actually miss coffee, I just miss the idea of it. Whenever someone brews it in the office and I have to smell it, I desperately wish for a cup. I don't need it, but I do want it. 

 Love getting to check things off.

Love getting to check things off.

Speaking of checking things off, I discovered that AdvoCare actually has an app for the challenge (available both for Apple and Android). It's SO much easier than the paper version for me, especially for logging water consumption. I always have my phone, so checking things off is super simple. It has a few items that I'm not using, so it is helpful to refer to the chart that Katie sent me. 


It even lets you log your meals. It doesn't have a ton of options under each type of food, but enough that you can get the gist. It doesn't really do calorie counting, so you'd have to do something else if you still wanted to do that. Otherwise, I'm kind of in love it. 


Finding things to eat has not been nearly as hard as I thought it might be. We still go out to eat with people and I can always find something on the menu that meets the guidelines (or can be easily modified). It's not always what I want, but it is what my body needs. 

Since I am not trying to lose weight, I've had to be careful making sure that the cleanse is still getting me enough calories. I discovered almond butter (the good kind, with nothing added) and it has helped with that. 

So how do I feel? I definitely have more energy going into things. I've especially noticed a difference with my ability to stay focused and in control through my entire yoga class. I've often been checked out 2/3 of the way through, which isn't great. I feel a little clearer though and have had less trouble keeping up and staying in-tune with the instructor and my body. I'll call that progress. 

I'm looking forward to the max phase. I get to try a new product (the MNS packets), so I'll have to see how those go. I might order some different flavors of spark (I have citrus and watermelon), just to change things up a bit and keep myself from getting bored. 

Alright, off to find that healthy breakfast. I'll probably have oatmeal with fruit again. It seems to be my go-to choice these days. 

How's your week going? Any goals for the second half?

I'm hoping to finish up some work and take time off to relax.